Job Opportunities

Volunteer post available with Family Equip


We would like one of our family support workers to specifically develop some expertise in this field. This person would:

1.  publish information and guide people through a section on our website

2.  assist young people and parents in applying for training and employment

3.  assist young people to apply for benefits connected with their future training and personal development

4.  develop a series of focus groups to be attended by parents young people and professionals involved in services

As a result of government policy encouraging all young people to stay in education and training post 16, we have had a number of requests for support from parents.  As a result, we are developing a service for the families of young people with additional needs post 16. We are seeking to find opportunities in training and work experience for self-development for this age group. The government has introduced a replacement to educational statements known as EHC plans. These plans are meant to support young people with difficult and challenging conditions up to the age of 24. Special educational services are struggling to provide adequate support for young people with additional needs because of their disabilities. We would like a person to coordinate this type of support. This person needs to be fully aware of opportunities available for these young people. We have asked someone to research opportunities in the West Midlands. We are being asked for such help but need lots more information

The parents and young people are wanting to share their experience so others can be made aware of pitfalls and successful outcomes they have experienced. The parents and young people wanting support would be invited to specific focus group meetings.

Expenses will be paid